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Civil Litigation

The attorneys at Cullar & McLeod, LLP are seasoned litigators with a wealth of experience handling a wide array of civil litigation cases, including:

  • Civil rights claims
  • Business litigation
  • Real estate disputes

Civil Rights

Civil rights cases serve an important function as they hold those in power accountable for their actions and prevent similar abuse from occurring to others. If you are the victim of government misconduct, abuse, or retaliation, or if you are the victim of employment discrimination, you are entitled to be compensated for the harm you have suffered.

We also represent clients who have suffered employment discrimination based on race, sex, age, religion or other factors. For further information on this area of our practice, see our employment law page.

Business Litigation

One of the most common types of cases in arising in the context of business litigation is a contractual dispute. The success of a business relationship or the success of the business itself often hinges on the terms of a contract. Businesses potentially face disputes over various types of contracts, including equipment purchase and rental contracts, distribution contracts, franchise contracts, and construction contracts. A contractual dispute can have a devastating impact on a business, potentially resulting in lost profits and assets, damage to the company's reputation, or loss of clients. Our attorneys understand the disruptive impact a contractual dispute has on a business, and strive to resolve such disputes quickly and efficiently. In addition to contract disputes, our attorneys represent clients in:

  • Vendor/vendee disputes
  • Partnership disputes
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Deceptive trade practices litigation
  • Collections

Real Estate Disputes

Our attorneys provide effective representation in real estate litigation matters, such as those involving the purchase or sale of real property; covenants, conditions, and restrictions; easement disputes; eminent domain; landlord-tenant disputes; property line disputes; and zoning.

McLennan County Civil Litigation Attorneys

The attorneys at Cullar & McLeod, LLP provide personalized, experienced, and cost-effective representation. With over 45 years of collective legal experience, we ensure that our clients' rights and interests are protected. For trusted legal advice and aggressive courtroom representation in Waco, McLennan County or throughout Texas, contact Cullar & McLeod, LLP.